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ACGC Wresters Complete Dual Season; Charger Invitational on Saturday

The ACGC wrestling team completed its dual season last night, winning one of three matches at the Woodbine duals. The Chargers topped host Woodbine, 43-43, and lost to Riverside, 48-29 and to Tri-Center 42-36.

Blaine Beeler had a banner day as he pinned his way to three wins, with no match lasting longer than 1:38. Zach Fees and Easton Benson also went 3-0 on the day with Fees recording two falls and a forfeit, while Benson won by fall, technical fall, and a forfeit.

The regular season will come to a close on Saturday when ACGC will host the Charger Invitational with twenty two teams scheduled to compete. First matches are scheduled for 8 AM.

ACGC results at Woodbine are as follows:

Riverside 48, ACGC 29 Tri-Center 42, ACGC 36 ACGC 43, Woodbine 42

106: John Schroder won by forfeit Connor Attkisson won by Seth Danker (ACGC) won

forfeit by forfeit

113: Caden Burroughs over Cale Cale Rowley (ACGC) won Cale Rowley (ACGC) over

Rowley (ACGC) by fall, 5:01 forfeit Kaitlyn Guy by fall, 0:21

120: Blaine Beeler (ACGC) over Blaine Beeler (ACGC) over Blaine Beeler (ACGC) over

Quincy Davis by fall, 1:38 Jason Van Norstrand by Audrey Ireland by fall, 0:09

fall, 1:08

126: Easton Benson(ACGC) over Easton Benson (ACGC) won Easton Benson (ACGC) over Ethan Reicks by TF, 19-4 by forfeit C. Wakehouse by fall, 1:28

132: Zach Fees (ACGC) over Ethan Zach Fees (ACGC) won by Zach Fees (ACGC) over Shel-

Becker by fall, 0:50 forfeit don Knudtsen by fall, 3:11

138: Gabe Rowley (ACGC) won Trevor Nelson over Gabe Seth Brokaw (ACGC) over

by forfeit Rowley (ACGC) by dec, 6-5 C. Stephens by fall, 1:44

145: Reid Chambers over Jon Bryson Freeberg won by Gabe Rowley (ACGC) won by

Pavelka (ACGC) by fall, 0:57 forfeit forfeit

152: Elija Petersen won by forfeit Ken Chapman over Jon Jack Nelson over Jon Pavelka

Pavelka (ACGC) by dec, 11-4 (ACGC) by fall, 0:31

160: Andy Casson over Cole Jeremy Miller over Cole Wyatt Schwery over Cole

Plowman (ACGC) by fall, 0:12 Plowman (ACGC) by fall, 2:30 Plowman (ACGC) by fall, 0:22

170: Lance Skank won by forfeit Devon Jackson (ACGC) won Tyler Coberly over Devon

by forfeit Jackson (ACGC) by fall, 0:16

182: Mick Clevenger over Ben Ben Kingery (ACGC) won by Evan Lenz over Ben Kingery

Kingery (ACGC) by fall, 3:24 forfeit (ACGC) by fall, 0:41

195: Kaiden Hendricks won by Ethan Chmeika won by Ian Hatterman won by forfeit

forfeit forfeit

220: Spencer Grove (ACGC) won Hunter Stange over Spencer Joey Wolf won by forfeit

by forfeit Grove (ACGC) by fall, 1:50

285: Double forfeit Emmett White won by forfeit Clay Kuhlman over Spencer

Grove (ACGC) by fall, 0:45

Exhibition matches:

132: Joe Davis (ACGC) over Wyatt

Sparr by fall,3:25

132: Chistian Nolte (ACGC) over

Mario Houser by fall, 0:45

138: Ryan Fees (ACGC) over Steven

Keleher by MD, 14-3

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