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  • Keith Hjelle

Chargers Send Five Grapplers to District; Beeler, Larsen, and Benson Win Sectional Gold; District N

Five ACGC wrestlers have advanced to the district tournament by finishing either as champion or runner up in their respective weight classes in the sectional tournament held yesterday on the Charger mats. Three Chargers were crowned champions--Blaine Beeler at 120 lb, Gunnar Larsen at 132 and Easton Benson at 138--while Gabe Rowley at 145 and Ben Kingery at 195 advanced as runners up. ACGC finished in second place in the team totals with 177 points, AHSTW won the tournament with 217.5 points.

All three of the Charger champions (Has a nice ring to it!) received byes in the first round and then swept their semifinal and championship matches. Benson pinned both of his opponents, including a 1:44 fall over Ben Ehlers of AHSTW in the finals. Beeler won by fall in the semifinals and by major decision, 14-1, over Garrison Gettler of AHSTW in his championship match. Larsen won both of his matches by decision, including an 8-3 win over Joel Sampson of AWSTW in the finals. That contest featured two thirty match winners on the season.

Both Rowley and Kingery lost by fall in their title matches, which also featured opponents with more than thirty wins on the season. Rowley fell to Wyatt Appleseth of Panorama in 0:59, while Kingery lost to Carson Wadle of WCV in 1:53. Kingery's semifinal win by fall over Caden Larsen of AHSTW in 0:37 was the fastest pin on the day by a Charger.

Third place finishers for the Chargers included Dawson Miller at 113, Cale Rowley at 126 and Gage Buttler at 285. In Buttler's match for the runner up spot he lost to Rush Rowan of WCV by fall in 0:53.

The five Chargers who qualified for the district tournament will compete at Interstate 35 High School in Truro next Saturday with competition to begin at noon. Go Chargers!

ACGC Results:

113 lb: Dawson Muller (14-12) placed 3rd and scored 14.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Dawson Muller (AC/GC) 14-12 received a bye () (Bye)

Semifinal - Ben Breheny (Nodaway Valley) 24-13 won by fall over Dawson Muller (AC/GC) 14-12 (Fall 4:00)

3rd Place Match - Dawson Muller (AC/GC) 14-12 won by fall over Owen Van Cannon (Ogden) 1-2 (Fall 4:58)

2nd Place Match - Ben Breheny (Nodaway Valley) 24-13 won by rule over Dawson Muller (AC/GC) 14-12 (RULE)

120 lb: Blaine Beeler (33-8) placed 1st and scored 23.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Blaine Beeler (AC/GC) 33-8 received a bye () (Bye)

Semifinal - Blaine Beeler (AC/GC) 33-8 won by fall over Jaxon Christensen (Nodaway Valley) 16- 20 (Fall 5:00)

1st Place Match - Blaine Beeler (AC/GC) 33-8 won by major decision over Garrison Gettler (AHSTW) 17-23 (MD 14-1)

126 lb: Cale Rowley (22-19) placed 3rd and scored 12.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Cale Rowley (AC/GC) 22-19 received a bye () (Bye)

Semifinal - Elliot Young (AHSTW) 28-19 won by fall over Cale Rowley (AC/GC) 22-19 (Fall 0:46)

3rd Place Match - Cale Rowley (AC/GC) 22-19 won by decision over Jordan Brewer (Nodaway Valley) 9-20 (Dec 4-1)

2nd Place Match - Elliot Young (AHSTW) 28-19 won by rule over Cale Rowley (AC/GC) 22-19 (RULE)

132 lb: Gunnar Larsen (30-5) placed 1st and scored 20.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Gunnar Larsen (AC/GC) 30-5 received a bye () (Bye)

Semifinal - Gunnar Larsen (AC/GC) 30-5 won by decision over Caelen DeVault (Nodaway Valley) 20-22 (Dec 9-2)

1st Place Match - Gunnar Larsen (AC/GC) 30-5 won by decision over Joel Sampson (AHSTW) 30- 15 (Dec 8-3)

138 lb: Easton Benson (27-10) placed 1st and scored 24.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Easton Benson (AC/GC) 27-10 received a bye () (Bye)

Semifinal - Easton Benson (AC/GC) 27-10 won by fall over Avery McCloud (Ogden) 24-13 (Fall 3:20)

1st Place Match - Easton Benson (AC/GC) 27-10 won by fall over Ben Ehlers (AHSTW) 26-14 (Fall 1:44)

145 lb: Gabe Rowley (38-11) placed 2nd and scored 16.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Gabe Rowley (AC/GC) 38-11 received a bye () (Bye)

Semifinal - Gabe Rowley (AC/GC) 38-11 won in sudden victory - 1 over Austin Wilson (Nodaway Valley) 21-13 (SV-1 5-3)

1st Place Match - Wyatt Appleseth (Panorama) 36-3 won by fall over Gabe Rowley (AC/GC) 38- 11 (Fall 0:59)

2nd Place Match - Gabe Rowley (AC/GC) 38-11 won by rule over Austin Wilson (Nodaway Valley) 21-13 (RULE)

152 lb: Devon Oberholtz (16-27) placed 5th and scored 8.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Denver Pauley (AHSTW) 31-20 won by fall over Devon Oberholtz (AC/GC) 16-27 (Fall 1:22)

Cons. Semi - Devon Oberholtz (AC/GC) 16-27 received a bye () (Bye)

5th Place Match - Devon Oberholtz (AC/GC) 16-27 won by fall over Ryan Wilson (Nodaway Valley) 4-14 (Fall 2:51)

160 lb: Bryce Rochholz (6-22) placed 4th and scored 9.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) 6-22 received a bye () (Bye)

Semifinal - Seth Kiesel (AHSTW) 28-21 won by fall over Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) 6-22 (Fall 0:34)

3rd Place Match - Tyler Breheny (Nodaway Valley) 16-18 won by fall over Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) 6-22 (Fall 1:53)

170 lb: Gavin Cornelison (24-15) placed 4th and scored 9.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Gavin Cornelison (AC/GC) 24-15 received a bye () (Bye)

Semifinal - Trevor Flettre (Nodaway Valley) 24-12 won by injury default over Gavin Cornelison (AC/GC) 24-15 (Inj. 0:37)

3rd Place Match - Gabe Madsen (AHSTW) 15-8 won by medical forfeit over Gavin Cornelison (AC/GC) 24-15 (M. For.)

182 lb: Cole Plowman (16-23) placed 4th and scored 9.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Cole Plowman (AC/GC) 16-23 received a bye () (Bye)

Semifinal - Gabe Pauley (AHSTW) 31-2 won by fall over Cole Plowman (AC/GC) 16-23 (Fall 0:18)

3rd Place Match - Xander Soder (Ogden) 12-21 won by fall over Cole Plowman (AC/GC) 16-23 (Fall 3:20)

195 lb: Ben Kingery (33-13) placed 2nd and scored 18.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Ben Kingery (AC/GC) 33-13 received a bye () (Bye)

Semifinal - Ben Kingery (AC/GC) 33-13 won by fall over Caden Larson (AHSTW) 15-7 (Fall 0:37)

1st Place Match - Carson Wadle (West Central Valley) 33-6 won by fall over Ben Kingery (AC/GC) 33-13 (Fall 1:53)

2nd Place Match - Ben Kingery (AC/GC) 33-13 won by rule over Caden Larson (AHSTW) 15-7 (RULE)

285 lb: Gage Buttler (23-23) placed 3rd and scored 15.0 team points.

Quarterfinal - Gage Buttler (AC/GC) 23-23 received a bye () (Bye)

Semifinal - Gage Buttler (AC/GC) 23-23 won by fall over Leland Barr (AHSTW) 17-21 (Fall 0:45)

1st Place Match - Hunter Holmes (Panorama) 25-18 won by fall over Gage Buttler (AC/GC) 23- 23 (Fall 0:58)

2nd Place Match - Rush Rowan (West Central Valley) 15-21 won by fall over Gage Buttler (AC/GC) 23-23 (Fall 0:53)

Team Scores:

AHSTW 217.5

ACGC 177

Panorama 158

Nod Valley 155

WCValley 147

Ogden 104

Ex-EHK 0

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