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ACGC Grapplers Finish Tenth of Twenty Teams at "The Charger"

One of the largest regular season wrestling events in which the ACGC wrestling squad participates is none other than its own meet--known simply as "The Charger." Twenty teams from southwest Iowa converged on ACGC High School on Saturday to compete in the final regular season tournament before next Saturday's sectional tourney at Oakland.

Eight Chargers placed in Saturday's event, headed by Tegan Slaybaugh's runner up finish at 113 pounds. The Charger sophomore drew a first round bye before consecutive wins in the quarterfinals and semifinals. In the title match he lost a 10-3 decision to Kolton Monson of Ogden.

Other Chargers who earned places included Gavin Sloss at 120 (5th place), Cayden Jensen at 152 (4th), Dawson Muller at 160 (8th), Bryce Rochholtz at 182 (6th), Cooper Tunick at 195 (7th), Michael Fuller at 220 (6th) and Payton Jacobe at 285 (7th).

Greene County of Jefferson won the team title with 186 points, while ACGC finished in the middle at tenth place with 90 points.

Post regular season competition is next up for the Chargers, as the team will participate in one of sixteen class 1A sectional tournaments this Saturday. The action at Oakland is scheduled to begin at noon.

ACGC results:

113: Tegan Slaybaugh (AC/GC)-2nd

Champ. Round 1-Tegan Slaybaugh (AC/GC) received a bye

Quarterfinals-Tegan Slaybaugh (AC/GC) over Kellen Oliver (Riverside, Oakland) (Dec 7-0)

Semifinals-Tegan Slaybaugh (AC/GC) over Tage Monahan (Panorama) (Fall 0:40)

1st Place Match-Kolton Munson (Ogden) over Tegan Slaybaugh (AC/GC) (Dec 10-3)

120: Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) - 5th

Champ. Round 1 - Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) over West Sackett (West Central Valley) (Fall 0:41)

Quarterfinals - Aiden Golston (Moravia) over Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) (Fall 1:36)

Cons. Round 2 - Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) over Levi Halterman (Southeast Warren/Melcher-Dallas) (Fall 1:38)

Cons. Semis - Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) over Landon Kirtley (Panorama) (Fall 2:53)

5th Place Match - Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) over Bradley Gebbie (Nodaway Valley) (Fall 3:39)

126: Tatum Bates (AC/GC)-DNP

Champ. Round 1-Colton Halterman (Southeast Warren/Melcher-Dallas) over Tatum Bates (AC/GC) (Fall 1:41)

Cons. Round 1-Tatum Bates (AC/GC) received a bye

Cons. Round 2 - Garrett Cole (Van Meter) over Tatum Bates (AC/GC) (TF 21-2 4:17)

145: Tanner Herskowitz (AC/GC)-DNP

Champ. Round 1-Tanner Nelson (Tri-Center, Neola) over Tanner Herskowitz (AC/GC) (Fall 0:36)

Cons. Round 1-Tanner Herskowitz (AC/GC) received a bye

Cons. Round 2-Carson Suchan (Southeast Valley, Gowrie) over Tanner Herskowitz (AC/GC) (Fall 2:52)

152: Cayden Jensen (AC/GC)-4th

Champ. Round 1-Cayden Jensen (AC/GC) received a bye

Quarterfinals-Cayden Jensen (AC/GC) over Ryan Stiles (Earlham) (MD 14-4)

Semifinals-Gavin Scheuermann (Greene County) over Cayden Jensen (AC/GC) (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match-Blaise Beane (West Central Valley) over Cayden Jensen (AC/GC) (Dec 13-8)

160: Dawson Muller (AC/GC)-8th

Champ. Round 1-Dawson Muller (AC/GC) over Lane Kool (Moravia) (Fall 3:24)

Quarterfinals-Dustin Harney (Woodward-Granger) over Dawson Muller (AC/GC) (MD 16-2)

Cons. Round 2-Dawson Muller (AC/GC) over Cole Metz (Southeast Warren/Melcher-Dallas) (Fall 3:42)

Cons. Semis - Jackson Boese (Van Meter) over Dawson Muller (AC/GC) (Fall 5:54)

7th Place Match - Dillen Ammons (Pleasantville) over Dawson Muller (AC/GC) (Fall 3:31)

182: Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC)-6th

Champ. Round 1-Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) over Mackenzie Arends (Nevada) (Fall 1:33)

Quarterfinals-Rylie Ferrari (Southeast Valley, Gowrie) over Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) (Fall 1:38)

Cons. Round 2-Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) over Preston McAllister (Coon Rapids-Bayard) (Fall 2:44)Cons. Semis - Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) over Brody Zimmerman (Riverside, Oakland) (Fall 2:34) 5th Place Match-James Hein (Panorama) over Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) (Fall 5:10)

195: Cooper Tunik (AC/GC)-7th

Champ. Round 1-Cooper Tunik (AC/GC) received a bye

Quarterfinals-Aiden Kathman (Ogden) over Cooper Tunik (AC/GC) (Fall 2:38)

Cons. Round 2-Cooper Tunik (AC/GC) received a bye

Cons. Semis-Trevor Condon (Manson Northwest Webster) over Cooper Tunik (AC/GC) (Dec 5-0)

7th Place Match - Cooper Tunik (AC/GC) over Nathan Graves (Southeast Valley, Gowrie) (Dec 4-2)

220: Michael Fuller (AC/GC)-6th

Champ. Round 1-Mark Hughes (Southeast Valley, Gowrie) over Michael Fuller (AC/GC)(Fall 3:31)

Cons. Round 1-Michael Fuller (AC/GC) received a bye

Cons. Round 2-Michael Fuller (AC/GC) over Ayden Phippen (West Central Valley) (Fall 1:50)

Cons. Semis-Michael Fuller (AC/GC) over Alex Swanson (Pleasantville) (Dec 9-7)

5th Place Match-Mark Hughes (Southeast Valley, Gowrie) over Michael Fuller (AC/GC) (Fall 3:31)

285: Payton Jacobe (AC/GC)-7th

Champ. Round 1-Payton Jacobe (AC/GC) received a bye

Quarterfinals-Camdan Vincent (Nevada) over Payton Jacobe (AC/GC) (Fall 2:39)

Cons. Round 2-Payton Jacobe (AC/GC) received a bye

Cons. Semis-Colton Miller (Pleasantville) over Payton Jacobe (AC/GC) (Fall 3:53)

7th Place Match-Payton Jacobe (AC/GC) over Issac Monrroy-Nunez (Panorama) (Fall 5:08)

Team scores: Greene County 186, Southeast Valley 153.5, AHSTW 143.5, Nodaway Valley 132.5, Riverside 109, Panorama 104, Pleasantville 103, Woodward-Granger 97, Ogden 93, ACGC 90, WCV 86, Manson-NWW 60.5, Earlham 58.5, Tri-Center 56, Nevada 49.5, Chariton 48, Moravia 42, Van Meter 33.5, SE Warren-Melcher Dallas 10, CRB 0

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