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ACGC Grapplers Open Season With Four Team Dual Event

The ACGC wrestling team opened its season at a quadrangular dual meet in Afton on Thursday and came home with one win in three dual contests. The Chargers defeated East Union, 45-36, while falling to Nodaway Valley,48-36, and West Central Valley, 51-30.

Charger coach Lane Rumelhart mentioned several bouts as highlights for the Chargers. "Gavin Sloss and Tegan Slaybaugh looked really solid. Both guys opened up and scored a lot of points. Taytum Bates had a big win after being down several points against the Nodaway kid (Bradley Gebbie). Cooper Tunik held on at the end for a big 6-4 win (over Charles Rudolf of Nodaway Valley) and Payton Jacobe won his first match ever and is 1-0 heading into Saturday (tournament at Nodaway Valley)."

AC/GC (ACGC) 45, East Union (EAUN) 36

138: Hadyn Walters (EAUN) over Jackson Pfrang (ACGC) (Fall 0:15) 145: Erik Allen (EAUN) over (ACGC) (For.) 152: Fischer Buffington (EAUN) over Blaise Tallman (ACGC) (Fall 1:05) 160: Cayden Jensen (ACGC) over Kason Parker (EAUN) (Fall 1:14) 170: Dawson Muller (ACGC) over Colton McKnight (EAUN) (Fall 2:51) 182: Terrian Islas (EAUN) over Jonathon Martinez (ACGC) (Fall 0:41) 195: Bryce Rochholz (ACGC) over (EAUN) (For.) 220: Cooper Tunik (ACGC) over (EAUN) (For.) 285: Payton Jacobe (ACGC) over Mike Cooley (EAUN) (Dec 8-4) 106: Ty Tallmon (EAUN) over (ACGC) (For.) 113: Gavin Sloss (ACGC) over (EAUN) (For.) 120: Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) over (EAUN) (For.) 126: Dj Islas (EAUN) over Tatum Bates (ACGC) (Fall 2:27) 132: Lance Railsback (ACGC) over (EAUN) (For.)

West Central Valley (WCV) 51, AC/GC (ACGC) 30

145: Braiden Beane (WCV) over (ACGC) (For.) 152: Blaise Beane (WCV) over Blaise Tallman (ACGC) (Fall 0:19) 160: Kaedon Lindsay (WCV) over Cayden Jensen (ACGC) (Dec 8-5) 170: Jared Rodriguez (WCV) over Dawson Muller (ACGC) (Fall 2:00) 182: Austin Shelley (WCV) over Jonathon Martinez (ACGC) (Fall 3:32) 195: Bryce Rochholz (ACGC) over Zach Teague (WCV) (Fall 0:57) 220: Cooper Tunik (ACGC) over Mason Sloss (WCV) (Fall 0:24) 285: Ayden Phippen (WCV) over Michael Fuller (ACGC) (Fall 1:19) 106: Andrew Carl (WCV) over (ACGC) (For.) 113: Gavin Sloss (ACGC) over Alyc Phippen (WCV) (Fall 1:14) 120: Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) over West Sackett (WCV) (Fall 1:27) 126: Trenton Naragon (WCV) over Tatum Bates (ACGC) (Fall 1:41) 132: Wesley Ganoe (WCV) over Lance Railsback (ACGC) (Fall 0:37) 138: Jackson Pfrang (ACGC) over Nathan Bentler (WCV) (Fall 1:52)

Nodaway Valley (NOVA) 48, AC/GC (ACGC) 36

152: Jevin Christensen (NOVA) over Blaise Tallman (ACGC) (Fall 0:08) 160: Cayden Jensen (ACGC) over Carmine Shaw (NOVA) (Fall 1:20) 170: Dawson Muller (ACGC) over Dylan Bartles (NOVA) (Fall 1:00) 182: Brandon Raasch (NOVA) over Jonathon Martinez (ACGC) (Fall 3:21) 195: Caelen DeVault (NOVA) over Bryce Rochholz (ACGC) (Fall 0:55) 220: Cooper Tunik (ACGC) over Charles Rudolf (NOVA) (Dec 6-4) 285: Trenton Warner (NOVA) over Michael Fuller (ACGC) (Fall 3:55) 106: 113: Gavin Sloss (ACGC) over Kasen Hansen (NOVA) (Fall 2:28) 120: Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) over Eli Harris (NOVA) (Fall 4:00) 126: Tatum Bates (ACGC) over Bradley Gebbie (NOVA) (Fall 4:25) 132: Zackery Gebbie (NOVA) over Lance Railsback (ACGC) (Fall 0:19) 138: Elliot Cooney (NOVA) over Jackson Pfrang (ACGC) (Fall 1:16) 145: Jaxon Christensen (NOVA) over (ACGC) (For.)

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