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Charger Grapplers Drop Three Duals

The ACGC wrestlers team found themselves on the short end of three dual meets held at Ogden last night in a quad dual event. The Chargers lost duals to Southeast Valley, 51-18, and Ogden, 42-32, and Panorama, 38-26,

The results are somewhat misleading. Yes, ACGC did lose all three duals. However, in head to head contests the Chargers won 14 and lost 9 matches. Because ACGC is unable to fill several weights, they "lost" 14 matches due to forfeits, resulting in 84 team points surrendered to the opponents throughout the evening.

Given that, lets' take a look at individual performers for the Chargers. Three Chargers went undefeated for the evening, with Tegan Slaybaugh (14-3), Gunnar Larsen (8-1), and Seth Danker (18-0) each winning two contested matches and also claiming one forfeit. Season records, provided by coach Danker, are within the parentheses.

Going 2-1 were Dawson Muller (9-7), Cayden Jensen 11-6), and Cristian Nolte (14-4). Bryce Rochholz (7-8) and Deon Jackson (0-4) were both 1-2.

Danker remains undefeated on the season with a record of 18-0, as he claimed two technical falls yesterday in addition to a forfeit. Slaybaugh won by a technical fall, a pin, and a forfeit. Larsen also won by a technical fall in addition to a 4-3 decision, and a forfeit.

The Chargers recorded seven falls, with the fastest being by Bryce Rochholz at 195. Rochholz threw Colby Waltz of Panorama in 0:18.

"We had three duals that were pretty close," coach Danker commented. "We had several situations that could have turned the duals in out favor; just fell a little short. We had some good performances and some situations to improve on during Christmas break."

Southeast Valley, Gowrie (SEVA) 51.0 AC/GC (ACGC) 18.0

106: Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) over Spencer Suchan (SEVA) (TF 17-2 2:18) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Caelan Oakes (SEVA) over (ACGC) (For.)126: Kaden Holder (SEVA) over (ACGC) (For.) 132: Gunnar Larsen (ACGC) over Max Miller (SEVA) (TF 17-2 4:15) 138: Seth Danker (ACGC) over Ty Klatt (SEVA) (TF 21-6 3:58) 145: Jonah Siebert (SEVA) over Dawson Muller (ACGC) (Dec 6-1) 152: Cayden Jensen (ACGC) over Reed Andrews (SEVA) (Dec 6-2) 160: Rylie Ferrari (SEVA) over Devon Jackson (ACGC) (Fall 5:58) 170: Lathe Muench (SEVA) over Cristian Nolte (ACGC) (Fall 2:48) 182: Harley Bryson (SEVA) over (ACGC) (For.) 195: Jaxon Carlson (SEVA) over Bryce Rochholz (ACGC) (Fall 0:51) 220: Ethan Buenting (SEVA) over (ACGC) (For.) 285: Aaron Graves (SEVA) over (ACGC) (For.)

Ogden (OGDE) 42.0 AC/GC (ACGC) 32.0

106: Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) over Kolton Munson (OGDE) (Fall 1:52) 113: Troy Boothroyd (OGDE) over (ACGC) (For.) 120: Travis Boothroyd (OGDE) over (ACGC) (For.) 126: Kale Munson (OGDE) over (ACGC) (For.) 132: Gunnar Larsen (ACGC) over Dominic Degeneffe (OGDE) (Dec 4-3) 138: Seth Danker (ACGC) over Lane Williams (OGDE) (TF 16-1 1:48) 145: Dawson Muller (ACGC) over Avery McCloud (OGDE) (Fall 2:35) 152: Cayden Jensen (ACGC) over Wyatt Sprecher (OGDE) (Fall 2:58) 160: Jon (Linden) Seeger (OGDE) over Devon Jackson (ACGC) (Fall 2:48) 170: Cristian Nolte (ACGC) over Justus Rude (OGDE) (Fall 0:38) 182: Tyler Kathman (OGDE) over (ACGC) (For.) 195: Xander Soder (OGDE) over Bryce Rochholz (ACGC) (Fall 2:00) 220: Aiden Kathman (OGDE) over (ACGC) (For.) 285: Double Forfeit

Panorama (PANO) 38.0 AC/GC (ACGC) 36.0

106: Double Forfeit 113: Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) over (PANO) (For.) 120: Maddox Nunn (PANO) over Hunter Rasmussen (ACGC) (Fall 0:50) 126: Logan Christe (PANO) over (ACGC) (For.) 132: Gunnar Larsen (ACGC) over (PANO) (For.) 138: Seth Danker (ACGC) over (PANO) (For.) 145: Dawson Muller (ACGC) over Cayden Van Meer (PANO) (Fall 1:41) 152: Ryan Fees (PANO) over Cayden Jensen (ACGC) (Dec 8-5) 160: Kael Wirt (PANO) over (ACGC) (For.) 170: Wyatt Appleseth (PANO) over Devon Jackson (ACGC) (TF 17-1 2:00) 182: Cristian Nolte (ACGC) over Landon Goodenberger (PANO) (Fall 1:45) 195: Bryce Rochholz (ACGC) over Colby Waltz (PANO) (Fall 0:18) 220: Cooper Andersen (PANO) over (ACGC) (For.) 285: Jared Henderson (PANO) over (ACGC) (For.)

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