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Chargers Win One of Four at Kuemper Duals

Updated: Jan 18

The ACGC wrestling team went 1-3-1 in dual matches yesterday at the Kuemper Catholic duals in Carroll. Although the Chargers won nineteen out of the thirty contested matches, forty matches were forfeits. Of the forty forfeited matches ACGC was credited with fourteen won by forfeit, and twenty six lost by forfeit.

If forfeitures were thrown out, the Chargers would have won three team matches, while losing one and tying one. But, alas, that is not how the matches are scored, since forfeits are in fact included in team scoring. The Chargers defeated Johnston 35-33 in its lone team victory of the day.

"Saturday was a tough day when you look at the team scores which show that we were one and four. We had one dual tie but lost on the tenth criteria and lost another dual by one point," Charger coach Shawn Danker said following the meet.

"We didn't have three guys in the lineup--Austin Wetzel, Gunnar Larsen, and Devon Jackson. With those guys I think we could have gone four and one. But we had some really good performances on the day."

Those good performances included ones by Cale Rowley (19-2) and Cayden Jensen (20-13) who each won four matches on the day. Rowley also picked up a win by forfeit to go 5-0, while Jensen suffered one loss. Seth Danker (27-1) was 4-0 which included three technical falls and one forfeit. He now holds the ACGC-Guthrie Center record for technical falls in a season.

Tegan Slaybaugh (25-5) was 3-1 for the day in head to head competition and also won a match by forfeit. His loss was to Eli Beccera of Missouri Valley, who is ranked second at 106, by a 6-5 decision. Cristian Nolte (22-7) also had a good day on the mat, finishing with a 4-1 record at 170 lb. All four of his victories were by fall, with three of them being in less than one minute.

Rowley, wrestling at 152, recorded the fastest Charger pin when he threw Carter Wieland of Kuemper in twenty seconds.

ACGC Results:

Storm Lake (STLA) 42.0 AC/GC (ACGC) 41.0

106: Hunter Rasmussen (ACGC) over (STLA) (For.) 113: Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) over Luiz Martinez (STLA) (Fall 0:45) 120: Christian Roque (STLA) over (ACGC) (For.) 126: CJ Optaia (STLA) over (ACGC) (For.) 132: Edwin Vasquez (STLA) over (ACGC) (For.) 138: Seth Danker (ACGC) over Jake White (STLA) (TF 16-1 1:51) 145: Edgar Barriero (STLA) over Dawson Muller (ACGC) (Fall 2:55) 152: Cale Rowley (ACGC) over Angel Figueroa (STLA) (Fall 4:46) 160: Cayden Jensen (ACGC) over (STLA) (For.) 170: Cristian Nolte (ACGC) over Eddy Tovar (STLA) (Fall 1:57) 182: Cole McAtee (STLA) over (ACGC) (For.) 195: Bryce Rochholz (ACGC) over Javier Vega (STLA) (Fall 1:28) 220: Gabriel Barnett (STLA) over (ACGC) (For.) 285: Deeshawn Amida (STLA) over (ACGC) (For.)

Missouri Valley (MIVA) 63.0 AC/GC (ACGC) 11.0

106: Eli Becerra (MIVA) over Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) (Dec 6-5) 113: Brad Ortner (MIVA) over (ACGC) (For.) 120: Layne Baker (MIVA) over (ACGC) (For.) 126: Riley Radke (MIVA) over (ACGC) (For.) 132: Zavier Trovato (MIVA) over (ACGC) (For.) 138: Seth Danker (ACGC) over Fred Veatch (MIVA) (TF 17-2 5:46) 145: Eric McIInay (MIVA) over Dawson Muller (ACGC) (Fall 1:14) 152: Cale Rowley (ACGC) over Ben Hansen (MIVA) (Dec 5-1) 160: Cayden Jensen (ACGC) over Cody Gilpin (MIVA) (Dec 5-2) 170: Gage Clausen (MIVA) over Cristian Nolte (ACGC) (Fall 3:22) 182: Shane Sinclair (MIVA) over (ACGC) (For.) 195: Brek Boruff (MIVA) over Bryce Rochholz (ACGC) (Fall 5:58) 220: Kaden Bonham (MIVA) over (ACGC) (For.) 285: Connor Murray (MIVA) over (ACGC) (For.)

AC/GC (ACGC) 35.0 Johnston (JOHN) 33.0

106: Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) over Carson Cornwell (JOHN) (Fall 2:56) 113: Parker Swizdor (JOHN) over Hunter Rasmussen (ACGC) (Fall 1:14) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Aiden Honkomp (JOHN) over (ACGC) (For.) 132: Ryan King (JOHN) over (ACGC) (For.) 138: Seth Danker (ACGC) over Jaison Smith (JOHN) (TF 16-1 1:54) 145: Charles Pruett-Shillak (JOHN) over Dawson Muller (ACGC) (Dec 7-1) 152: Cale Rowley (ACGC) over Carson Brown (JOHN) (Fall 1:12) 160: Cayden Jensen (ACGC) over Mason Harding (JOHN) (Fall 0:43) 170: Cristian Nolte (ACGC) over Owen Dawson (JOHN) (Fall 0:29) 182: Sean Strand (JOHN) over (ACGC) (For.) 195: Bryce Rochholz (ACGC) over (JOHN) (For.) 220: Kohen Mack (JOHN) over (ACGC) (For.) 285: Double Forfeit

Kuemper Catholic (KUCA) 45.0 AC/GC (ACGC) 22.0

106: Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) over Riley Parkis (KUCA) (MD 10-1) 113: Grace Hoffman (KUCA) over (ACGC) (For.) 120: Jake Hausman (KUCA) over (ACGC) (For.) 126: Double Forfeit 132: Double Forfeit 138: Shea Parkis (KUCA) over (ACGC) (For.) 145: Dawson Muller (ACGC) over John Boes (KUCA) (Fall 1:43) 152: Cale Rowley (ACGC) over Carter Wieland (KUCA) (Fall 0:20) 160: Hayden Stout (KUCA) over Cayden Jensen (ACGC) (TB-1 2-1) 170: Cristian Nolte (ACGC) over Bryce Wiskus (KUCA) (Fall 0:29) 182: Will Healy (KUCA) over (ACGC) (For.) 195: Connor Hays (KUCA) over Bryce Rochholz (ACGC) (Fall 2:00) 220: Carter Pudenz (KUCA) over (ACGC) (For.) 285: Cal Wanninger (KUCA) over (ACGC) (For.)

Audubon (AUDU) 36.0 AC/GC (ACGC) 36.0

106: Hunter Rasmussen (ACGC) over (AUDU) (For.) 113: Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) over (AUDU) (For.) 120: Zeke Konkler (AUDU) over (ACGC) (For.) 126: Manny Beisswenger (AUDU) over (ACGC) (For.) 132: Derrek Kommes (AUDU) over (ACGC) (For.) 138: Seth Danker (ACGC) over (AUDU) (For.) 145: Carter Andreasen (AUDU) over Dawson Muller (ACGC) (Fall 2:41) 152: Cale Rowley (ACGC) over (AUDU) (For.) 160: Cayden Jensen (ACGC) over Lane Barber (AUDU) (Fall 0:27) 170: Double Forfeit 182: Cristian Nolte (ACGC) over Javyn Bladt (AUDU) (Fall 0:39) 195: Cooper Nielsen (AUDU) over Bryce Rochholz (ACGC) (Fall 1:24) 220: Double Forfeit 285: Alexander Foran (AUDU) over (ACGC) (For.)

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