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Slaybaugh Takes Title at Harris Tournament in Corning

Tegan Salybaugh came home with the gold from the John J Harris Tournament held Friday and Saturday in Corning. After receiving a first round bye, Slaybaugh pinned three of his four opponents on his way to the title. The title match found the Slaybaugh throwing Brayden Maeder of host school Southwest Valley in 5:30.

Two Chargers claimed ninth place in the twenty five team meet. At 120 Gavin Sloss won four of the six matches in which he competed. He won fifth place when he threw Chase England of Bedford/Lenox in 0:54. That fall was the fastest recorded by the Chargers for the meet.

Cayden Jensen also finished fifth at 152 when he won three of his five matches. In the match for fifth place Jensen pinned Ben Hansen of Missouri Valley in 5:52.

The Chargers claimed wins in thirteen head to head matches and lost seventeen.

113: Tegan Slaybaugh (AC/GC) - 1st

Champ. Round 1 - Tegan Slaybaugh (AC/GC) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 - Tegan Slaybaugh (AC/GC) over Taye Jordan (Atlantic-CAM) (Fall 1:40)

Quarterfinals - Tegan Slaybaugh (AC/GC) over Justin Dorale (MVAOCOU) (Fall 1:13)

Semifinals - Tegan Slaybaugh (AC/GC) over Christian Ahrens (Creston/O-M) (Dec 7-4)

1st Place Match - Tegan Slaybaugh (AC/GC) over Brayden Maeder (Southwest Valley) (Fall 5:30)

120: Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) - 5th

Champ. Round 1 - Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 - Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) over Rush Knutson (Missouri Valley) (MD 14-6)

Quarterfinals - Payton Harger (Earlham) over Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) (Fall 1:40)

Cons. Round 2 - Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) over Gryphen McDermott (Tri-Center, Neola) (Fall 3:17)

Cons. Round 3 - Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) over Gabe Johnson (Southwest Iowa) (Fall 2:38)

Cons. Round 4 - Travis Allen (Winterset) over Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) (MD 9-1)

5th Place Match - Gavin Sloss (AC/GC) over Chase England (Bedford/Lenox) (Fall 0:54)

126: Tatum Bates (AC/GC) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Tatum Bates (AC/GC) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 - Ian Forsythe (Southwest Valley) over Tatum Bates (AC/GC) (Fall 3:09)

Cons. Round 1 - Cooper Anderson (Wayne, Corydon) over Tatum Bates (AC/GC) (SV-1 9-8)

132: Jackson Pfrang (AC/GC) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Jackson Pfrang (AC/GC) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 - Jackson Pfrang (AC/GC) received a bye

Quarterfinals - Elliot Cooney (Nodaway Valley) over Jackson Pfrang (AC/GC) (Fall 0:46)

Cons. Round 2 - Jackson Pfrang (AC/GC) over Austyn Fisher (Riverside, Oakland) (M. For.)

Cons. Round 3 - Trey Chesnut (Creston/O-M) over Jackson Pfrang (AC/GC) (Fall 1:25)

145: Tanner Herskowitz (AC/GC) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Tanner Herskowitz (AC/GC) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 - Ryan Stortenbecker (East Mills) over Tanner Herskowitz (AC/GC) (Fall 1:13)

Cons. Round 1 - Tanner Nelson (Tri-Center, Neola) over Tanner Herskowitz (AC/GC) (Fall 1:23)

152: Cayden Jensen (AC/GC) - 5th

Champ. Round 1 - Cayden Jensen (AC/GC) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 - Cayden Jensen (AC/GC) over Tyler Prokop (East Mills) (Dec 5-1)

Quarterfinals - Cayden Jensen (AC/GC) over Tate Haffner (Southwest Valley) (TF 17-2 6:00)

Semifinals - Nolan Moore (Riverside, Oakland) over Cayden Jensen (AC/GC) (Dec 9-2)

Cons. Round 4 - Brian South (Atlantic-CAM) over Cayden Jensen (AC/GC) (MD 9-0)

5th Place Match - Cayden Jensen (AC/GC) over Ben Hansen (Missouri Valley) (Fall 5:58)

160: Dawson Muller (AC/GC) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Dawson Muller (AC/GC) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 - KJ Fry (Clarke, Osceola/Murray) over Dawson Muller (AC/GC) (Dec 8-6)

Cons. Round 1 - Dawson Muller (AC/GC) over Jordan Martin-England (Bedford/Lenox) (Dec 9-4)

Cons. Round 2 - Jayden Dickerson (Shenandoah) over Dawson Muller (AC/GC) (MD 13-1)

182: Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 - Jase Wilmes (Clarinda) over Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) (Fall 0:41)

Cons. Round 1 - Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) over Wyatt Peterson (Griswold) (Fall 1:59)

Cons. Round 2 - James Hein (Panorama) over Bryce Rochholz (AC/GC) (Fall 1:07)

195: Cooper Tunik (AC/GC) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Cooper Tunik (AC/GC) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 - Colin Jacobs (Southwest Valley) over Cooper Tunik (AC/GC) (Fall 1:36)

Cons. Round 1 - Cooper Tunik (AC/GC) received a bye

Cons. Round 2 - Jagger Luther (Creston/O-M) over Cooper Tunik (AC/GC) (Fall 2:39)

220: Michael Fuller (AC/GC) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Michael Fuller (AC/GC) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 - Max Chapman (Creston/O-M) over Michael Fuller (AC/GC) (Fall 1:35)

Cons. Round 1 - Jacob Mitchell (MVAOCOU) over Michael Fuller (AC/GC) (Dec 10-6)

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